WebPictured above L-R: Kelly Ross-Davis, Shane Wiley, Shirley Selvage, Michael Fordham, Dr. Jim Raper.

Shirley Selvage has been selected as the Department of Medicine Employee of the Month for November 2019! Shirley is a Health Education Coordinator in the Division of Infectious Diseases. 

Shirley manages the newly diagnosed support group at the clinic and runs a workshop for people living with HIV on how to share their stories and educate others. She also spearheads outreach testing and education at the Fellowship House Recovery Center. Even with a full plate, Shirley has willingly cross-trained on various tasks from HIV testing and counseling, to leading support groups, to facilitating New Patient Orientation visits, to being part of various committees and advisory boards. 

As a member of the HIV testing team, Shirley is often the one to share the news of a positive diagnosis with patients. Many times, the bond she creates in this first meeting lasts years into treatment because of her sincerity and compassion. Shirley will always drop what she is doing to meet with patients and clients with whom she has built a relationship, and she always volunteers and step up to help out when her team needs to cover a testing shift, an event, or other programs.