CIT webL to R: Senior Director, Wendy Tissier, Dr. John Kennedy, and Manager, Adam Burgess

The UAB Medicine Clinical Informatics Team is over 20 people strong, with an aim to continually improve the efficiency and user experience in our electronic health record. Led by Wendy Tissier and Adam Burgess, the team collaborates with providers and administrators across the enterprise, including our DOM Senior Advisor and Director for Wellness John Kennedy, MD. Together, everyone is working to strengthen the Department's connection to this team as a vital resource for improving wellness.

More Good News for August 21, 2019

Thanks to the efforts of Eric Wallace, MD (Associate Professor, Nephrology) and colleagues, UAB is now able to provide round-the-clock telenephrology consultation and dialysis at the Bryan Whitfield Regional Hospital in Demopolis. This will provide much needed services to hospitalized dialysis patients without requiring transfer to UAB Hospital, a model that may be viable for other regional medical centers. Congratulations on advancing this strategic clinical initiative to get patients the care they need closer to home and family!

UAB Medicine’s mission is to be a leader in compassionate patient care, groundbreaking research, and in training some of the brightest minds in health care. This pioneering vision is the focus of our new advertising campaign with the tagline, “Knowledge. Moving Medicine Forward.” Public marketing efforts will begin in early September. In the meantime, you can view the new television commercial online.

Alex Szalai, PhD (Professor, Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology) has been named Vice-Chair of the SOM Faculty Council. This group serves as the principal advisory committee to the dean of the School of Medicine and is responsible for providing written review and assessment of appointments, promotion, and tenure award for all clinical and basic science faculty. We’re grateful for your leadership, Dr. Szalai!

Jeffrey R. Curtis, MD, MS, MPH (Professor, Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology) and colleagues have published the results of their cohort study on the risk for postoperative infection among biologics and glucocorticoids. Their paper in Annals of Internal Medicine indicates the risk for infection after arthroplasty were similar across biologics, while glucocorticoids use had a greater risk of adverse outcomes.

Jennifer Pollock, PhD (Professor, Nephrology) has received the 2019 Graduate Biomedical Sciences Service Award for her exceptional commitment to GBS and its mission. She currently mentors three GBS students and is the primary investigator for three NIH-funding scientific training programs. Hats off for this well-deserved recognition, Dr. Pollock!

Leah Leisch, MD (Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine) discusses why opiates are so addictive and the benefits of medication-assisted treatment for opioid dependency in this edition of UAB MedCast—an ongoing series of continuing medical education (CME) podcasts.

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