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Veena Antony, MD (Professor, Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care) has just received a Notice of Award for a $6.5 million P42 Superfund Grant. This makes UAB one of 23 centers across the country to address the effects of pollution on community environments. Five projects will investigate the effects of pollution on airway function, measure the impact of heavy metal contaminants, and develop remediation plans in the North Birmingham area. DOM researchers involved in these projects and supporting cores are Drs. Victor Thannickal, Jessy Deshane, Brent Carter, Sejong Bae, Young-il Kim, and Monica Baskin. Hats off to these research heroes and their colleagues across UAB and the Southeast!


More Good News for March 18, 2020

The Tinsley Harrison Internal Medicine Residency Program is thrilled to celebrate four newly selected chief residents who will serve in the coming academic year 2021-2022. The are Drs. Salmaan Kamal, Lindsey Shipley, Will Morgan, and Anne Wagstaff. A hearty congratulations to these stellar representatives from the second-year class!

Ravi Bhatia, MD (Professor and Director, Hematology and Oncology) has won the prestigious Rowley Prize for his ground-breaking discovery that quiescent malignant stem cells can persist in CML patients who are in complete remission after having been treated with tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs). Kudos, Dr. Bhatia!

Our blood supply locally is dangerously low, and the UAB is strongly urging the public to donate blood. There are safe and effective ways to do it while maintaining our social distance. Emergency blood drives are open through the end of next week by appointment both in North Pavilion and other locations. Learn how to give here.

As we have moved to limited operations, many of us are dialing into Zoom to keep the information flowing. Meeting remotely can be a challenge, especially if it's not a part of your normal routine. Here's a helpful guide to Zoom's essential meeting controls to familiarize yourself with the "new normal" tech. Watch and learn here.

One of the most important wellness strategies we can employ is taking adequate time to rest, but sleep hygiene is something we can easily overlook. In this "Slumber by the Numbers" guide, Patricia Patterson, MD (Associate Professor, Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care) offers helpful advice for better rest.

As we consider this unprecedented week of uncertainty and challenge, we could easily find ourselves overwhelmed. Dr. John Kennedy, our Senior Advisor and Director for Wellness, shares his reflections on how a holocaust survivor and a contemporary singer-songwriter inspire him to see the pandemic through a different lens.