Clinical Op WebPictured above: Drs. Overton and Hofmann in the COVID-19 Respiratory Clinic.

While working in the UAB COVID-19 Respiratory Clinic, Jo Hofmann, MD (Clinical Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases) realized that many of her patients had previously received steroid prescriptions that were contraindicated for treating COVID-19 in the first seven days of illness. She began working with Clinic Director Turner Overton, MD (Professor, Infectious Diseases) to address this issue by drafting a set of guidelines to formalize UAB’s approach to managing outpatients with COVID-19. The document contains information based on NIH current guidance, with information about evaluating patients, protocols for using monoclonal antibody therapy, and options for supportive care of symptoms. Read the guidance here.


More Good News for February 19, 2020

Robert Welner, PhD (Assistant Professor, Hematology & Oncology) and his team have demonstrated that the protein E-cadherin marks cells that become mast cells and basophils. The cells play important roles in many allergic diseases and in protection against infections with worms. Their article in Science Immunology also earned the cover.

Megann Bates Cain, MPPM, has been named chief development officer for the School of Medicine. Her interim leadership drove SOM fundraising to a new high of $59 million in new contributions in 2020, and she has implemented a new organizational structure to sustain and grow these efforts. Kudos, Megann!

With this election to mastership in the ACP, Seth Landefeld, MD (Professor and Chair, DOM) is judged an ideal "citizen physician" who embodies strength of character, advocates for quality in internal medicine, and whose influence as a learner-teacher inspires others to seek high standards and excellence. We salute you, Dr. Landefeld!

PhD Student Keonte Graves has earned a TL1 Award from the CCTS to fund his basic science research on mechanisms of 5-nitroimidazole drug resistance in Trichomonas vaginalis. His primary mentor is Christina Munzy, MD, MSPH (Associate Professor, Infectious Diseases). Congrats, Keonte!

Rui Lu, PhD (Assistant Professor, Hematology & Oncology) has recently received an ASH Junior Faculty Scholar Award in basic and translational research. His lab aims to better understand the epigenetic mechanisms that underlie cancer cell development, and to develop mechanism-based and targeted therapeutic approaches.

Matt Gravett, MD, has joined the Division of Infectious Diseases as Assistant Professor. His research focuses on sexual health outcomes and HIV prevention among sexual minority populations in the Deep South. He treats persons living with HIV and at risk for HIV at UAB's 1917 Clinic and 1917 PrEP Clinic as well as the Birmingham VA Medical Center. Welcome, Dr. Gravett!