We are thrilled that plans to completely refurbish the existing Lyons Harrison Research Building (LHRB) are being accelerated. The much-needed renovation is being financed by a philanthropic donation, with an additional $50 million contribution from the State of Alabama. The state funds are tied to a deadline of December 2023 for completion of construction, so the School has fast-tracked its plans to create the new Altec Styslinger Genomic Medicine and Data Sciences Building.

What this means for DOM now:

The Department of Medicine submitted a master plan for relocating people from the affected buildings—LHRB and Kracke—in January. This plan contains a timeline that will move all current occupants of those buildings by the end of 2021. Dr. Cindy Joiner and Jeff Bridges will lead this effort, which is contingent upon multiple related construction projects in other areas—including upgrades to the McCallum Basic Science Health Building—to prepare space for those affected. They are working closely with each Division Director to develop and communicate plans to move our teams to accommodate the construction.

What this means for DOM soon:

Our free space for wet labs, dry labs, and offices will be dramatically reduced during the construction. Right now, we project that DOM swing space will involve roughly eight buildings and 20 floors, so even those divisions who do not have personnel in LHRB or Kracke may be affected.

Our divisions currently operate with a great deal of autonomy in assigning space, and we will need everyone to pull together to make sure all our DOM faculty, staff, and trainees have room to work without interruption. We will implement a new space allocation process to more effectively manage the full scope of DOM space. This will require patience, collaboration, and big picture thinking from everyone involved.

What this means for DOM ultimately:

In just a couple of years, we will have brand new facilities in prime locations across campus. This will position us to pursue discoveries, to house clinical programs, and to attract extraordinary faculty and trainees to our campus. The road ahead may be bumpy, but the destination will be worth it.

Subject Schedule to Change

Renovations 400

Please view the schedule here. We will keep you posted with pertinent details below as plans are finalized. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.