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Service Excellence Award for Outstanding Staff in the Department of Medicine

Nomination Form-Employee of the Month
The Department of Medicine Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year selection process has been developed out of a desire to highlight the exceptional efforts of individuals working within the Department of Medicine.  Such individuals stand out among their peers not only for the successful execution of their work assignments, but also because of their dedication, creativity, and actions toward improving the atmosphere we all work in, and increasing the welfare of patients and fellow staff members and faculty.

The  development  of  the  selection  process  has  created  the  need  for  a  selection procedure executed by a Selection Committee.  A selection Committee establishes the broad base of support necessary to engender, throughout the Department of Medicine, participation  in  the  Employee  of  the  Month  and  Employee  of  the  Year  program. Through the Selection Committee, the program belongs to all members of the Department of Medicine.

I.        POLICY

  1. Committee Membership
    1. The Employee of the Month Selection Committee shall be composed of four (4) volunteers from the Employees of the Month from the previous year.  The Employee of the Year selected from their group will serve as the Selection Committee chair for a total of five (5) Selection Committee members.   Subsequently, this group will be referred to as the Selection Committee.   The Selection Committee chair shall preside over this committee and coordinate the discharge of its responsibility.
    2. An ad hoc committee on procedures, when needed, shall be established in order to provide guidance and continuity to the Selection Committee, observe the execution of the selection procedure, and comment on the development of the policy. This non-voting body serves at the pleasure of the Selection Committee chair.  The previous Selection Committee chair is the  only mandated  member of this  committee.   Other representatives from the Department of Medicine may petition for inclusion on this committee.  No division shall be represented by more than one person on the ad hoc committee.  No person shall serve on the ad hoc committee more than two (2) consecutive years.  The inclusion of organizational representatives is welcomed within the guidelines presented, but should not  be  considered  mandatory  or  essential  to  the  execution  of  the Selection Committee’s duty.
  2. Nomination Criteria
    1. Nominees  must   be   in   continuous  service  with  the   Department  of Medicine  for  at  least  twelve  months  including  UAHSF  or  UAB employment.
    2. Nominees   must   be   regular   status   UAB   or   HSF   employees   of   the Department of Medicine.
    3. Former Employees of the Month are eligible for subsequent nomination twelve (12) months following selection.
    4. Employees are eligible for nomination for Employee of the Month independent of ethnicity, race, color, national origin, gender, gender expression, age, faith, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, physical appearance or disability, or veteran status.
    5. Nominations to be considered should be in the format outlined in the Employee of the Month nomination form.  Nominations not in the format will be returned for revision.
    6. Nominations for Employee of the Month may be submitted by all UAB and HSF employees, including division directors, administrators, faculty and staff, etc. Multiple nominations for a nominee are accepted and encouraged.
    7. Nominations are encouraged for employees who exhibit exceptional performance, who embody the principles of the DOM Staff Mission Statement and who exemplify Reaching for Excellence, the foundation of AMC21, UAB Medicine’s strategic plan to become the Preferred Academic Medical Center of the 21st Century.
    8. Self-nominations are not acceptable and are inconsistent with the spirit of the Employee of the Month recognition.
    9. Members   of   the   Selection   Committee   and   the   ad   hoc   procedure committee are not eligible to nominate Employees of the Month during their tenure.
  3. Selection of the Employee of the Month
    1. Only nominations received three (3) working days prior to the meeting date   will   be   considered   for   selection   for   the   following   month. Nominations received after that date will be added to the next month’s agenda.
    2. The Selection Committee must establish a quorum of voting members before the selection process shall proceed.  A quorum shall be defined as three (3) members.  No member of the ad hoc committee will satisfy the quorum.
    3. The Selection Committee chairperson will contact the supervisor of the candidate to identify any difficulties with attendance or performance.
    4. Each nomination will be read by the Selection Committee and will be considered equally without comments (positive or negative) or campaigning.
    5. A five-point scale has been developed in which to rate each of the five outlined areas.
    6. After  all  nominees  have  been  rated  by  each  committee  member,  the ratings are compiled on a summary sheet by the chair with observation by at least one other voting member.
    7. The ratings for each nominee will be summed, and then divided by five (the number of areas). No rounding off is acceptable.
    8. The  nominee  with  the  highest  arithmetic  average  is  considered  the chosen employee of the next month.
    9. In case of a tie, the ratings will be recalculated to check for errors.  If no errors  are  found  the  nominees  are  designated  for  the  next  two  (2) months.  Assignment to month is alphabetical (e.g.; 1st month to Adams, 2nd month to Zimmerman).
    10. Nominees  not  selected  are  included  on  the  next  month’s  selection agenda. The nominees not selected for three (3) consecutive committee meetings will be returned to the nominating person(s) with encouragement to revise and resubmit the nomination.
  4. Selection of Employee of the Year
    1. Choosing the Employee of the Year will be the last official duty of the Selection Committee in combination with the Selection chair.    By definition, this will take place at the end of the year only after all twelve (12) Employees of the Month have been selected, since this is the pool from which the Employee of the Year will be selected.   No other candidates, no matter how apparently deserving, shall be considered.
    2. The nominating information for each Employee of the year will be read by the Selection Committee and rated along the five dimensions previously noted. Particular attention not to editorialize or campaign should be emphasized.  Previous ratings will not apply and should not be available for review during this selection process.
    3. After all Employees of the Month have been rated for the Employee of the Year selection, the ratings are compiled on a summary sheet by the Selection Committee chair with observation by at least one voting member.
    4. The ratings for each Employee of the Month will be summed, and then divided by five (the number of areas). No rounding off is acceptable.  The Employee of the Month with the highest arithmetic average is considered the Employee of the Year.
    5. In case of a tie, the ratings will be recalculated to check for errors.  If no errors  are  found,  the  nominating  information  on  individuals  whose ratings tied will be re-read and re-evaluated.  An average for each will be calculated, and the Employee of the year designation will be given to the Employee of the Month with the highest average.   This will be the only legitimate procedure for eliminating a tie.
  5. Miscellaneous
    1. All committee members will keep the name of the selected Employee of the Month in confidence, pending official presentation. Failure of any member to respect this procedure will result in their dismissal from the selection process.  No alternate will be accepted for a position vacated for this reason.
    2. All Committee members are expected to attend all the selection meetings.
    3. The Employee of the Month selection for the next month is presented to the Department of Medicine, Executive Administrator, by the end of the third week of the current month.
    4. The employee selected should be notified the last week of the previous month in order to enjoy a full month of deserved recognition.
  6. Awards
    1. The awards will be presented by the Chair of the Department of Medicine, or the Executive Administrator or his/her designee, at a reception honoring the recipient.    As part of the awards presentation, the Chair/Executive Administrator or designee will present the nomination form(s) submitted on behalf of the award recipient.  The reception will be held during a time reserved for the monthly award presentation.
    2. The Employee of the Month will receive a lapel pin, an official awards photograph, an award plaque, copies of the nomination form(s), and a $100 gift card which, per IRS regulations, must be reported as taxable income.
    3. A  copy  of  the  recipient’s  nomination  form(s)  will  be  placed  in  the recipient’s  permanent  departmental  personnel  file  at  the  end  of  the month.
    4. The Employee of the Year will receive all awards and honors given to the Employee of the Month with the addition of a $250 gift card which, per IRS regulations, must be reported as taxable income.


Employee of the Month

Becky Wallace has been selected as the Department of Medicine Employee of BeckyWallacethe Month for March 2015!     Becky is an Administrative Associate in the Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine.  She was notified by Jason Daniel, DOM Executive Administrator and Megann Cain, Senior Director of Development and Strategic Planning/DOM Chief of Staff. Read more...

Research Spotlight

Kirk Habegger, PhDKirk Habegger, PhD

Dr. Kirk M. Habegger is Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism. He obtained his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Indiana University School of Medicine in 2006. He conducted his postdoctoral training under the mentorship of Drs. Matthias Tschoep and Randy Seeley at the Metabolic Diseases Institute of the University of Cincinnati from 2009 to 2013. He was promoted to the faculty at UC in the Department of Medicine, before leaving to start his group at UAB.