Aquila Brown-Galvan is the Department of Medicine Employee of the Month for March 2016!

Aquila is a Program Manager II in the Division of Preventive Medicine. 

Jason Daniel, DOM Executive Administrator, and Megann Cain, Senior Director of Development and Strategic Planning and DOM Chief of Staff notified her of this honor.

Aquila has experience on varied research projects, but since joining the Division of Preventive Medicine, she has primarily worked on cancer-related research projects or projects focused on access or quality of care.  She worked for several years on a research project (RUTH) aimed at understanding how to improve access to quality care for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, as well as a project focused on post-colorectal cancer follow-up rates among African Americans.  Most recently, she has worked with Dr. Maria Pisu on a project (QUIET CARE) examining treatment quality and costs among epilepsy patients. Those working with Aquila praise her for her conscientiousness, attention to detail, flexibility, and ability to effectively organize and communicate tasks and priorities. She is committed to finding solutions and finding ways to help the team succeed.

Please join us in congratulating Aquila Brown-Galvan for being selected as Department of Medicine Employee of the Month for March 2016!