From Trainee to Faculty With DOM Peer Mentors

Under the leadership of Tiffany Carson, PhD (Assistant Professor, Preventive Medicine) and Kirk Habegger, PhD (Assistant Professor, Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism), the DOM Peer Mentoring Program is designed to help ease the transition from trainee to faculty, helping with logistics, navigating interpersonal relationships, work-life balance, and managing the stresses of an academic career.

Peer Mentors are themselves early career investigators who have successfully secured an NIH K-award or equivalent career development award and volunteered to share insight with peers about pursuing a career development award or other appropriate career trajectories. Peer Mentors are meant to compliment the expertise and wisdom of senior mentors with timely peer support and guidance about launching a career as a new MD or PhD faculty member.

This program aims to benefit junior faculty members by providing unbiased support and by connecting junior faculty members with the appropriate information to help them make informed decisions about career development. For junior faculty members who determine that pursuing a career development award is an appropriate goal, the DOM Peer Mentors are available to provide personal strategies for preparing a successful application.

If you, or someone you know would benefit from peer-mentoring, contact Tiffany Carson.

[Above text is taken from August 17, 2017 UAB Department of Medicine Research News Newsletter]