Dr. Baskin to serve as DOM's first Vice Chair for Culture and Diversity.

Monica Baskin, PhD, Professor of Medicine in the Division of Preventive Medicine, will serve as DOM's first Vice Chair for Culture and Diversity. As Vice Chair, Monica will lead DOM's efforts to develop a culture of respect and inclusion, working with each Division to capitalize on the diverse backgrounds of DOM's faculty, staff, and learners.

Monica joined the Department in 2009 after receiving a bachelor of arts from Emory University, a master’s and doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Georgia State University, and serving on the faculties of the Schools of Public Health at Emory and at UAB.  She leads a nationally recognized NIH-funded research program to reduce or eliminate health disparities through community-engaged research. Her current research focuses on the prevention and control of cancer, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Monica has also played a leading role in galvanizing efforts to improve the health of all of us who live in Jefferson County. Her team produces remarkable communication tools, and she chairs the Advancing Health Equity Priority Group of Jefferson County's Health Action Partnership.

As her first priority, Monica will meet faculty from all DOM Divisions and will then work with the Department’s Culture Work Group to identify priorities and develop a plan to achieve them.