Dr Dutton and others awarded incentive grants

Eleven faculty awarded incentive grants to submit a second R01
Eleven School of Medicine faculty projects were recently funded through an AMC21 initiative giving NIH-funded investigators incentive to submit a second R01.  

The projects, chosen based on scientific merit, were eligible for $50,000 per year, for a project period of up to two years, pending appropriate progress and achieving benchmarks. The goal is have a new funded R01 by the second year.

One of those awarded is:

Gareth Dutton, Ph.D., associate professor Medicine in the Division of Preventive Medicine
“Daily Self-Weighing to Promote Weight Loss Among African American Primary Care Patients Affected by Obesity”

The next cycle for funding for the second R01 incentive grants will open in fall 2016. Visit the Funding Opportunities webpage to learn more about current and upcoming RFAs.