Good News:
Starting April 27, 2016, you can also use the combined form instead:  That one form is located here:

To prepare for a meeting, you USED TO sometimes have to fill out two separate forms, but you don't anymore.
These two separate forms are no longer required.  The process has been simplified.  Instead, simply use the single form.

What Conference room should I choose?


How do I know what rooms have what I need?

See description at the BOTTOM of the reservation form (

How do I know what rooms are available?

To see what rooms are available for a certain date/time, first add each of the separate conference rooms to your Outlook.
Here is how to do that:
  1. In Outlook, go to the Calendar Section
  2. Click [Open a Shared Calendar]
  3. Type dopm mt and click [Ok]
  4. Select a conference room calendar (such as "DOPM MT634")
  5. And click [ok]
  6. You should then see it listed under "People's Calendars" on the left side of your screen
  7. Repeat above steps for the other 3 conference rooms.