Please see attached for full instructions for:
  • using equipment in MT-634
  • and Video Conferences in MT-605.
A copy of this is located also in MT-634 and MT-605.

Note: If you see any errors or omissions on the attached instructions, please report them to

Here are a couple of links to basic SMART training videos.  These will give end users the basic functionality and help get them started.

The major points:
  • Don’t touch what you shouldn’t touch:
    • any button/light below the podium ~or~
    • any button/light on the left side of the giant-screen.
  • Computer and Smart Board:
    • This is a giant computer screen…. Just like you are used to.  It plays PowerPoint.
    • It's also a Smart Board (aka white board) for brainstorming, which can then be saved as pdfs.
  • Laptops and thumb drives can be used.
  • Use for Conference Calls and Video Conferences too.
  • There are lots of options, we’ll learn together over time.

Videos for advanced/more curious users (we dont have all the features described in these videos):