DOPM websites

DOPM has two main websites (in addition to lots of websites for studies and program areas)

Website What else it’s sometimes called Who can access it URL What’s on it

DOPM Internal
  • Internal Sharepoint
  • DOPM Sharepoint
  • Sharepoint
Basically only DOPM employees. 

Use dopm-d1a\jsmith for example for username.
(Most of the time it will work with just jsmith, but sometimes it does require the dopm-d1a\ part) Lots of good forms and info for DOPM employees
DOPM Public DOPM External   Public (anyone) A good description of DOPM and its parts
AdminDB Admin DB DOPM employees -- mainly for the business office and support staff
or link to it from the DOPM Sharepoint site
CHEARs, Effort, Account Numbers, Copy Codes

Username  -- for DOPM-created websites that require UserName

Question Answer
What are some examples of DOPM-created websites?

A clue that it’s a DOPM-created website is that DOPM is part of the name.  Examples:
What do I put for my username? dopm-d1a\my-DOPM-username    …like…    dopm-d1a\jsmith
How to avoid common Typo problems the 7th character in the UserName is the number 1.  It is Not the letter L
the 9th character in the UserName is a backwards slash (not a regular forward slash)
I don’t want to have to type all that every time….  What can I do? If you plan on using this site a lot and you use Internet Explorer, you may want to do this Time-Saver Tip so that you don’t have to key in your UserName and password each time.