Sharepoint tips and troubleshooting

What Browser to use:

For optimal performance, please use Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Microsoft Office 2003 or higher, and the most up to date version of Adobe Acrobat or Reader. In addition, SharePoint pages are best viewed at monitor display setting 1,024 x 768 pixels or higher.

SharePoint has traditionally been designed to work very well on Windows clients, specifically on Internet Explorer in Windows. The reason for that is pretty simple: much of the rich functionality that SharePoint exposes through IE comes via ActiveX controls, which are supported only in IE on Windows.

Firefox will work with limited functionality.

How to troublsheloot if not at DOPM

 Try this: Details  
Make sure your are putting in the username and password correctly…   
  • Try it by copy-and-pasting
  • Make sure you are not copy-and-pasting any extra spaces at the end of the username or at the end of the password
  • Try it by carefully typing in the username and password, with special attention paid to typing the slash in the correct direction.
Try it in a different browser…   

Do you have a different browser you can try it in?

Internet Explorer is the ideal browser, but if you can login in using another browser (such as Firefox or Google Chrome) then that will point to where the problem is.***
Try it in a different location…  Try logging in from home -- or from some other location.

If you can login there, then that will point to where the problem is.***

***If you are successful with a different browser or different location, then that will indicate that the problem is with your local configuration of Internet Explorer, and your IT Support folks may need to adjust a setting on it (the setting regarding allowing credentials from a different domain).