Time-Saver Tip for DOPM folks -- using Sharepoint

If you are on the DOPM network (in other words, if you are in Medical Towers or remote into a computer in Medical Towers), and use Internet Explorer, you may want to do the following so that you don’t have to key in your User name and password each time.

Basically you are telling Internet Explorer "I already gave you my DOPM username and password when I logged into the computer today.  Just use that same info to login to the Sharepoint site (or Admin-DB)."

Here's how to tell it that (this might vary slightly depending on your version of Internet Explorer):

  1. Go to the website and type in your UserName and password
  2. Click [Tools]
  3. Click [Internet Options]
  4. Click [Security] tab
  5. Click [Local intranet] icon
  6. Click [Sites]
  7. Click [Advanced]    
  8. Click [Add]
  9. Click [Close] [Ok] [Ok]
So, now the next time you go into one of the Sharepoint site, you will not be asked for your User name and password.

Does this work for the Admin-DB too?

Yes :)
Admin DB = http://internal.dopm.uab.edu/dopm-admindb/

What Browser to use for Sharepoint

Microsoft Internet Explorer
(Firefox will work with limited functionality.)
If you are a DOPM person and need Internet Explorer, we can provide it on a Terminal Server.  Just ask HelpDesk.