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For now see attached 3 page instructions (updated March 21, 2019)
NOTE: This is or will also be taped to all the Kyoceras

The below is still in progress.

Kyoceras – “I want to Scan, Fax, Copy, Print”

If I am a DOPM employee with a DOPM username, do I need to do anything special to be able to do this?
Copy No.  Simply follow instructions taped to Kyocera.
Fax No.  Simply follow instructions taped to Kyocera.
Scan (to email or to H:drive) No.  Simply follow instructions taped to Kyocera.
Print No.  Simply choose "AnyKyocera" and then swipe to release at any Kyocera in Medical Towers.



There are/will be Kyoceras throughout Medical Towers.
They are machines that can print, copy, scan and most can fax.
(They are made by Kyocera and serviced by a company in Birmingham called Ameritek, and are generally just called "Kyoceras")

The “public” ones are located in MT-601, and MT-505
(Others are in MT-111, MT-502H, MT-516, MT-621, MT-753)

It does many more things (has more options), and it’s less expensive to maintain.

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See instructions (link is above)


Yes.  In order to have the feature that keeps track of copying costs for each account, we have to have it for scanning too.  But there is no charge.  If there is not an account for what you are doing, you should use "Copier Fund"


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