How non-UAB people get access....

If you are looking at this page, it is probably because:
You are not a UAB person but a P.I. in DOPM has requested that you have access to something in DOPM.

If you are a non-UAB person (an "outsider") needing to use a DOPM resources (such as EMPaCT Server, or Brazil SPSS Server, or Egypt SPSS Server), you need to do the following 5 steps.

Why is this a 5 step process?
There are “2 locked doors” that you need to pass through:
•    Steps 1 & 2 are to get you a XIAS account & password, and VPN software.  That’s for getting you through the 1st locked door.
•    Steps 3, 4 & 5 are to get you a DOPM account & password.    That’s for getting you though the 2nd locked door.

Here are the details.

Step #   Here’s how FYI, what is this for?
 1 Get your XIAS account set up. You have gotten (or will soon get) an email from that includes the phrase “you will need to register an External ID Access (XIAS) account”
NOTE: If you have not received that, please tell us DopmHelp (contact info is at top of page) and we can follow up.

Follow instructions in that email.  (Do within 72 hours of receiving the email.)

You will then have a XIAS Account (XIAS username and password).
Keep that handy.  You will need them in the next step.
You need it so you can do Step #2
 2 Get the VPN software. Instructions are detailed here:

Where it says Blazer ID/username/password, use your XIAS info from Step 1.
The is software that is needed to get you through the 1st locked door.
 3 Connect to the Server Turn on/connect your VPN –
(See link in Step 2 above if you need instructions on how to do that.)

~If on a PC, click Microsoft Globe Icon > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection
~If on a Mac, click on [Finder] on lower left > Applications > Remote Connection

Computer name is whatever DOPM computer you need.  It's probably one of these: <-- that's the newest General Office (Terminal) Server  <-- that's the EMPaCT Server  <-- that's the Brazil SPSS Server  <-- that's the Egypt SPSS Server

For username and password...

~First time, use your DOPM username and password, which are on the “Server Account form” emailed to user.
~After that, use your DOPM username and use the password you choose in Step 4 below.

This is for the 2nd locked door.

This is your ultimate goal and what you will be doing in general each time when you work.
4 Change your DOPM password to something that only you know. Once logged in, immediately change your password to something that only you know by doing this:

Hold down [Ctrl] and [Alt] key and then press [End] key

(NOTE: On a Macbook:  Hold down control alt, Then hold ‘fn’ (function key)...Then press the delete key.)
If you don’t do this, it is a security risk and you will not be able to complete Step 5
5 Sign and return your “Server Account Form" Sign your “Server Account Form” and return it to Valerie Winston within 30 days, using any of these methods:
  • Bring to her in Medical Towers -- Room 505
  • Email to her at
  • Fax to her at (205) 975-9395 -- no Cover Sheet needed
Please note that by signing this, you are stating that you have changed your password from the starter password.  Do not sign this form if you have not done that.
This is needed to keep your DOPM account from expiring.

Now the ultimate goal:

After completing the above, you will be able to do your work by unlocking the 2 doors each time.
  1. Unlock the 1st locked door by turning on (connecting) VPN software -- using your XIAS username and password.
  2. THEN....Unlock the 2nd locked door by doing Step 3 as described above -- using your DOPM username and password.

 Troubleshooting Tips

In progress

Can I do a shortcut to make this easier next time?


How to create a shortcut to Empact Server…

On a Windows Computer…
  1. Right-click on the desktop and select New -> Shortcut
  2. Where it says [Type the location of the item], copy and paste this:
    mstsc.exe /v:
  3. Where it says [Type a name for this shortcut] type whatever you want to call it, for example “Shortcut to Empact Server”
So then next time you need to go there, you can simply double-click on the shortcut.

Add a space and then /F at the end, like this
mstsc.exe /v: /F
That will force it to open up in the full screen.

How to create a shortcut to others…

Same as Empact, but use different name.

Here is some “big picture” information just in case you are interested in the reasoning behind why all these steps are required.  You don’t need to read any of the below unless you are curious about that.
The big picture is this:  You have to go through “2 locked doors”

  • re the "1st locked door"

    • UAB (Univ Alabama at Birmingham) consists of many divisions.  
      • Our Division is the Division of Preventive Medicine (aka DOPM).
      • DOPM hosts this thing that you need access to.
      • Therefore in order to get to that, you have to first connect to UAB.
    • For security reasons, UAB requires that folks use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect to UAB.
      • In general UAB employees use their BlazerID and password for this.
        • But since you are not a UAB employee, they have issued you a “XIAS Account” -- which is basically a guest BlazerID.
      • You will use your XIAS username and password to get (download, install and run) the VPN software, so that you can get into UAB.   That gets you through the “1st locked door”


  • re the “2nd locked door”

    • (aka to get into DOPM) you will use your DOPM username and password
    • Hopefully you know the name of the computer you are remoting into.
    • See general "how to remote in" instructions