“Remote In(to)”


What's the least I need to know?

  • Be on campus or use VPN software
  • Click Microsoft Globe Icon > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection
  • Know the name of the DOPM computer you are remoting into.
    • It's probably ts4.dopm.uab.edu <-- that's the newest General Office (Terminal) Server
  • Use this for your username:  dopm-d1a\myDOPMusername (for example: dopm-d1a\jsmith)


Remote In(to) means that from computer X (your home computer, a laptop, a stripped down computer in Medical Towers, etc)....you can use computer Y (such as the ones listed below). 
(VPN Software is required only when you are OFF-campus.)

If you have permission to remotely connect to a DOPM computer (Terminal Server or Virtual Machine), doing so will give you access to:
  • whatever software is on that DOPM computer
  • and anything on the network drives that you currently have permissions for.  (The network drives are H:drive through Z:drive.)

The general advantage of this is:
  • convenience of where you can physically be
  • faster speed
  • access to more software
  • easier for IT group to keep updated and running (hence more reliable)

Summary list of all the DOPM Computers that DOPM people can remote into/connect to (if they have the proper permissions)

Commonly called


What is it...What's it for....
When to use it ... what it contains
ts ts.dopm.uab.edu Contains: Windows XP Operating System and Microsoft Office 2003 programs
Can be used for reseting your expired DOPM password
**See Warning ->>
These are the 2 older Terminal Servers now.
This is a LEGACY Status, which means that it’s still available for software that is becoming out-of-date but may still need to be used.

They are Old .... should NOT be used unless there are extenuating circumstances
ts3 ts3.dopm.uab.edu Contains: Windows 7 Operating System and Microsoft Office 2007 programs
**See Warning ->>

"the newest General Office Server"

See more info on Gateway Page
This is more modern, and has more up-to-date software.

For your day-to-day remote computer.
  • Most people will use this one most the time.
  • Use this one unless there is reason to use the older ones above.
Gateway Servers
  • ts4
  • SAS Server
  • SPSS Server
  • RRSF Server
  • Empact Server
  • PTREC Server
See info on Gateway Page Now (Jan 2015), we have a newer (better) Terminal Server, etc that people should use – for General Office programs, SAS, SPSS
Instructions (including explanation of how its better) are at Gateway Page
Multiple people can use each of the above at the same time.
Addtitionally, there's a handful of others (for very specialized things like NVIVO software, Access 2003) that only one person can be connected to at a time.

How do I get set up to Remote In?

Email your request to the HelpDesk

How to connect to a remote computer:

  1. click [Start] or the Microsoft Globe icon on lower left corner
  2. click [All Program]
  3. click [Accessories]
  4. click [Remote Desktop Connection]
  5. Next to "computer" type or select the computer's name
  6. Do your work and then logoff.
NOTE: Please only be logged onto one remote connection at a time.

How to get there easier (create shortcut)

Click for instructions