Create Shortcut
(or how to get to a remote server or virtual machine easier)

1.  Right-click on the desktop and select New -> Shortcut
2.  Where it says [Type the location of the item], copy and paste this:
mstsc.exe /v:XXX
...where XXX = the computer name. 
For example:
mstsc.exe /
mstsc.exe /v:
3.  Where it says [Type a name for this shortcut] type whatever you want to call it, for example “Shortcut to __ Server”

So then next time you need to go there, you can simply double-click on the shortcut.


Add a space and then /F at the end.
For example:
mstsc.exe / /F
That will force it to open up in the full screen.

How to find computer name


mstsc.exe / /F