Tips for TS4


  • If you will only be a light user of email on this, just use the "webmail" interface to your email.   LINK to instructions
  • This requires no set up and gets you most all the functionally of Outlook.
  • You will also have to make that a trusted site (details below).


 If you will be using email a lot, you can set up Outlook.  LINK to instructions

Downloading from a website, including from our Sharepoint website

You should only download from websites you trust.
If you will be downloading from our Sharepoint website or other website, you will also have to make that a trusted site (details below)

Trusted Site means....

  • This Terminal Server (2012) has enhanced security; therefore sometimes you will get a notice that says "Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded"
  • If there is a website that can be trusted, you can make it a trusted site, thus getting past that warning.
  • But please note that by doing that you acknowledge that you will be careful what you download, as it is a shared computer.

How to make it a Trusted Site:

Go to the website in question

  1. click tools at the top
  2. Internet Options
  3. Security Tab
  4. Trusted sites
  5. Sites button
  6. Click add
  7. Note: If it won't let you add, you may need to uncheck the “must have https prefix part” and Click add again
  8. close
  9. okay
NOTE: If it’s a UAB site, put the following in the “add this website to the zone” box

Windows 8.1 tutorial

This server use Windows 8.1.
If you are not familiar with that operating System, here is a good 5-minute video to introduce you to it:

How to change your DOPM password on this

Hold down <Ctrl>+<Alt> and press <End> and you get this…
change password …. pick “Change a password”

On a macbook:  Hold down control alt, Then hold ‘fn’ (function key)...Then press the delete key.