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  • Sent FROM TO - limit is 250mb
  • Sent FROM TO outside - limit is 60mb
  • Sent FROM outside TO - limit is 60mb

If someone tries to send a Zip file to a @uabmc address it may get a message that uses the phrase “Message Size Violation”
That is basically a generic message to mean that the attachment failed at least one test.
Circumstances that might get this (even if the total attachment size is less than the limit) would be:
  • If too many files in Zip attachment (over 250).
  • If too many levels of folders in Zip attachment (over 40).

Yes, you cannot receive databases or exe files. 
Have the person use Drop Box instead:

Use Drop Box instead:
(Be sure to login to it first, if you are sending out a non-UAB person.)


Do NOT say “yes”.
(If you do say “yes”, your old emails may be saved on your current computer, which means they won’t be available if you change computers and they could possibly get deleted.)