UserNames, IDs, Passwords, Email Addresses, Oh My...


With rare exception, every DOPM employee has all these:

  • DOPM
    • a DOPM UserName
    • a DOPM password
  • HSIS – used for @uabmc email accounts.
    • a HSIS Username
    • a HSIS password
  • Blazer
    • a Blazer ID
    • a Blazer password
    • a Blazer Email address

Tell me about the differences….





Which one will I use most?

This one by far. You’ll use it every day.


What’s the difference?

This is for DOPM stuff. It’s used only in our Division.

For @uabmc email and calendar

This is for UAB in general.
In other words, for non-DOPM stuff at UAB

When are examples of when I would use this?

  • To get into your DOPM computer
  • To get into your encrypted laptop
  • To use a Kyocera -- to copy or scan or fax
  • To get into a DOPM-created website – use dopm-d1a\jsmith (click to see details)

Generally, only email and calendar issues.


For Oracle, including to report time worked.

Anything on that requires your Blazer ID and password.

Who assigns this to me?



You get to choose this when you first start at UAB. (It stays with you for your entire UAB life.)

How often do I have to change the password associated with this?

Every few months.
(You get email messages to remind you.)

In the past, you never have to.
However, now you do (every 6 months)
(You get email messages to remind you.)

Once a year.
Must be 15+ characters long.
(You get email messages to remind you.)

How do I change the password?

Generally, this is very easy:
Simply follow instructions when computer reminds you.
Ctrl-Alt-Delete 1 time, then follow instructions

These are a few Exceptions that require special handling. 

For example:
~if your password expired,
~if you have an encrypted laptop,
~if you are a Mac user,
~if all you do is remote into a DOPM computer.

For those, please see this DOPM HelpPage devoted to changing passwords.

See instructions here for that


You can call HSIS at (205)934-8888 if you forget it.

The 21st century is a confusing place (!!).
You have at least 3 work-related usernames/passwords.
To help with that, we are happy to provide you a customized 1 page table with your info on it, which many people find helpful.
Just email a request for that, using this link.

Give me some examples:


(Note: None of this is case sensitive.)

Example for Jane Smith might be



Usually, it’s first initial and last name



Email address

HSIS UserName followed by






Email address

Blazer ID followed by


If you want to redirect your Blazer Email to your HSIS Email, click here