Viruses and Microsoft Security Essentials

“Microsoft Security Essentials” is Virus Protection software.  It is on all DOPM computers.  
Incidentally, it is free for personal use to UAB folks:

(Forefront is the previous Virus Protection software, but it is no longer used.)

Sometimes things just happen, but here are some tips to help you avoid viruses and other problems

  • Look at incoming emails with a skeptical eye.  
  • Install updates if that is an option.
  • Never, ever, ever under any circumstances tell anyone (including the I.T. Dept) your password.
  • Don’t use DOPM computers (State Property) to go to any questionable website.  Some websites that have been known to spread viruses, that you should consider avoiding are:
    • Facebook  
    • YouTube
    • Newsites -- even reputable ones
    • Foreign sites
    • Weather websites