Where should I save stuff ?

Best Practices

It’s a good habit to always save to Network drives instead of Locally.  See following chart below for details:

If it’s stored in this location (which means specifically )
Risk (from Viruses or physical damage)
Locally “Desktop” or C:Drive or "My Computer" Potentially vulnerable.
There is no guarantee that these get backed-up
Network drives any drive with the letters H through Z Perfectly safe in all circumstances.
These are backed-up frequently -- both here and offsite


Hint: Use “shortcuts”

Hint:  Use shortcuts on your Desktop if you want the convenience of the desktop but the security of a Network drive.  

To make a shortcut:

  1. Right-click [Start] or globe icon on lower left
  2. Click [Explore]
  3. Locate the document or folder, and Right-click on it.
  4. Click [Send To]
  5. Click [Desktop (create shortcut)]

More about Network drives

Various Letter drives are used for specific things.  The 4 that generally everyone gets are these, and you will be given access to others as needed.

    What are all the drives for??
H:drive Your Personal Drive This is a Network drive (meaning it’s safe) but only you can see it
S:drive Sometimes called “Swap Drive" For the most part, everyone has permission to this, so it’s a good way to share files with others in DOPM
P:drive   Programs