Who is the HelpDesk

How do I request Help?
The HelpDesk ("DOPM HelpDesk") is located in MT-403 (previously in MT-111), and consists of:

  • Byron Chancellor (Manager)
  • David Clabough (System Admin)
  • Rich Searles (Technician)
  • Lisa Schwaiger (Admin and Tech Support Triage)
  • Adim Premani (Student Tech) -- pronounced "Adeem"'

What we do: Tech Support (basically anything computer-related that is not programming)

To contact the HelpDesk:    email dopmHelp@uabmc.edu or call 205-934-7662

Requests to the HelpDesk that will require a purchase of some kind (equipment or software) should…

  • …be emailed by a person who has money they can spend, and
  • …include the account number that will pay for the request.

The Helpdesk is different than the Programmers Group

The Programmers Group (Dave Hilgendorf, Vandana Manne) is NO longer part of the HelpDesk (as of January 2013).  
Instead, they are located in MT-401, under the supervision of Dr Bae.  
To contact the Programmers Group, use this form: (located at https://www.uab.edu/medicine/dopm/bbsf-service-request/programming-request-form)