'Outstanding Campaign' Award from the UAB Benevolent Fund -- shared by several DOPM employees, Laura Gallitz and Susan Driggers.

The Department of Medicine (DOM) is thrilled to win the “Outstanding Campaign” Award from the UAB Benevolent Fund.
As a Department, DOM increased employee contributions by 7% and recruited 43 new continuous donors, helping the Benevolent Fund reach their ambitious $2 million campaign goal. Thanks to our Division Champions, who led special events that helped the DOM earn this honor: Susan Driggers, Alicia Farley, Mia Heard, Lisa Jinright, Amy Dean, Peggy O’Neal, Kelly Adamson, Nanette Stein, Norma Stewart, Michelle LeBlanc, Laura Gallitz, and Rick Coleman.

Award pic 2016
Laura Gallitz and Susan Driggers are on the right.