Our mission is to train compassionate, patient-centered, clinically outstanding emergency physicians who are aggressively recruited by both community and academic medical centers. Providing the best comprehensive training in the country through our patient population, our training style, our unique style of mentorship, and our abundance of clinical opportunities is our mission.


Our vision is a patient-centered, resident-driven program in which learners receive the best emergency medicine training in the country. Our residency will exude a sense of camaraderie and a spirit of togetherness while maintaining the highest standards of personal accountability and professional humility. We will be known throughout our hospital and our community as physician leaders who serve through the delivery of outstanding clinical care, education, and research.


We value excellence in clinical training and believe that expertise in emergency medicine requires an abundance of patient interactions in a safe, supervised setting. Recognizing our institution’s excellence in critical care and trauma, we value immersive experiences in both.

We value hard work, self-discipline, a positive attitude, and a spirit of determination.

We value diversity and believe in a spirit of inclusion. Recognizing that we all come from different backgrounds, we strive to promote inclusion and to maximize each resident’s potential based on his or her individual strengths, interests, and goals.

We value camaraderie and promote a supportive, collaborative environment. EM residents spend more one-on-one time with their attendings than any other specialty throughout the hospital; we see this as an opportunity to foster mentorship, mutual trust and improved patient care. We believe that outstanding professional and personal mentorship is paramount to our success.

We value clinical autonomy and graded independence and pride ourselves on our residents’ sense of ownership of our emergency department.

We believe in and teach the importance of wellness and career sustainability. We strive to teach methods that strengthen resilience while fostering a safe environment for learning. We believe that career sustainability is strengthened through leadership development and involvement in niche learning in particular aspects of emergency medicine.

What is a great resident?

Great residents consistently provide outstanding, patient-centered care. They show dedication to their patients, their co-residents, and their residency. They display professional humility and maintain professionalism in their interactions with patients and colleagues. They take pride in their work and always finish what they started. They see themselves as change-makers. They seek out leadership opportunities in order to advance patient care. They lead with kindness. They are inquisitive, teachable, highly adaptable, and display strong work ethic. They learn and practice resiliency and they look out for their co-residents. They see possibilities, not barriers. They are self-aware, insightful, and solution-oriented.

What is a great residency?

A great residency excels in providing patient-centered, high-quality patient care. The standard for its residents is clinical excellence. Residents and attending physicians display mutual respect for one another and experience a true sense of camaraderie. A great residency provides countless opportunities for mentorship and leadership. A great residency is clinically and academically challenging. It promotes diversity, personal integrity, and professional accountability. A great residency challenges its residents by developing clinical autonomy quickly yet safely. A great residency exudes a sense of community and fellowship. Its residents and attendings are energized by being around one another. A great residency maintains strong relationships with other departments and collaborates frequently with other programs. A great residency is respected throughout its hospital and its community and is known for residents who always do the right thing for their patients. A great residency is innovative and solution-oriented. Most importantly, a great residency takes care of its residents and emphasizes the development of wellness and resiliency in the quest for career and personal fulfilment.