The UAB Hypothermia Team provides comprehensive post-resuscitation care for out-of-hospital and in-hospital cardiac arrest patients admitted to UAB Hospitals. The seven physicians who take call for this team are all emergency physicians with more than twenty-five years of collective experience providing comprehensive post-arrest care. When activated, these physicians mobilize dedicated equipment and personnel to lead a multi-disciplinary team providing standardized, goal-directed care, including therapeutic hypothermia, for OHCA victims. In addition, the Hypothermia Team provides temperature management for patients with a myriad of neurologic diagnosis, extreme environmental exposures, and toxicological problems.


  • Dr. Michael Kurz


The UAB Hypothermia Team is actively engaged in research to improve neurologically intact survival from cardiac arrest. These projects include:

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation efficiency
  • Coagulation dysfunction
  • Neuro-psychological outcomes following arrest