Russell ClinicChronic and problematic wounds can have a tremendous impact on a patient’s physical and mental health and well-being. As the population ages, we can anticipate an increase in the incidence of complicated chronic wounds. At UAB, we recognize that the complex pathophysiology resulting in these wounds requires a multidisciplinary team approach to maximize the potential for healing. Our comprehensive wound clinic serves our patients, healing the most difficult of wounds with the latest in technology and techniques.

Residents and medical students have an opportunity to rotate in our clinics in order to learn about wound care and hyperbaric medicine. Rotators engage directly in managing these patients and become skilled in:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of wounds
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Wound-based procedures
  • Advanced wound products
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Negative pressure wound therapy
  • Total contact casting

Rotators will also learn about and participate in hyperbaric and diving medicine. Didactics include both the physiology and indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments. Residents and students will be able to participate in the evaluation and treatment of both emergent and non-urgent patients requiring hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The programs are directed by Bobby Lewis M.D., DMD and Dag Shapshak M.D, who are board certified in undersea and diving medicine in addition to Emergency Medicine and have extensive experience in teaching in the field.