A cornerstone of the Department of Emergency Medicine’s research program is the novel Acute Care Research Team (ACRT), also know as the Research Assistant Program. This program, based in the UAB Hospital Emergency Department, is the only UAB resource of its kind available to perform screening, recruitment, enrollment, and protocol execution for time-sensitive research trials on a twenty-four hour basis. The ACRT consists of specially trained research assistants whose primary duty is to maintain a presence in the University Hospital Emergency Department. We also have on-call personnel who are able to respond from home within 20 minutes of notification. The ACRT is currently screening and enrolling for almost 30 clinical research studies. The efforts are collaborative, serving investigators from multiple UAB departments. The ACRT has also conducted research recruitment outside of the University Emergency Department, in such locations as the Children's of Alabama Emergency Department and the neurosurgery clinic. 

Our ACRT members are a diverse group, consisting both of individuals with existing medical training or background, and others who are looking ahead to a career in medicine or a medical field. We have worked with a number of foreign medical school graduates who were seeking part-time work while pursuing educational opportunities at UAB. Other research assistants have been undergraduate students (particularly pre-med), as well as EMS personnel. 

The program has provided a unique opportunity for some research assistants to enhance and expand their current skills, while experiencing the fast-paced and vibrant patient care and clinical research environment of the UAB Emergency Department, which sees over 100,000 visits per year. All RAs receive extensive training and orientation to the operations of the emergency department, the trauma resuscitation bay, the operating room, and the critical care units within University Hospital. They have also received specialized training in data collection, good clinical practices, human subjects protection, HIPAA regulations, conflict of interest, blood-borne pathogens, as well as how to interact with the hospital's clinical staff. Our research assistants collect, organize and maintain data as required by each protocol. The ACRT RAs are trained in running research laboratory equipment, sample collection, and how to process blood samples for shipping. 

Read an article about our ACRT program (formerly known as the ROC RA program). If you are interested in becoming a member of our ACRT program, or to find our whether we currently have open positions, you can contact us with “ACRT” in the subject line. Please include a brief description of your background and interests.