The Well-Being Index (WBI) is an assessment backed by research from the Mayo Clinic. Employees taking the WBI will answer 7-9 simple questions before receiving their results, which help people identify their current state of well-being and top three areas for growth and points them to local and/or national resources to increase their overall wellness. Responses are anonymous and aggregate at the department level to facilitate discussions and action items for departmental wellness. The WBI can be taken as frequently as once a month.

If you are an employee who wants to get started with the WBI, click here. Please find your access code by group/role below:

Advanced Practice Provider: UAB APP
Trainee (resident, fellow, or other trainee): UAB TRAINEE
Medical students: UAB MEDICAL STUDENTS
Employee or staff: UAB MEDICINE
Researcher/scientist: UAB MEDICINE (then select "scientist" as your occupation).