Resilience Committee

Patrick Siler, MD, MSHA - Committee Chair

“We are all unique beings and therefore our paths to wellness will differ. For me, wellness is a constant evaluation of my own personal priorities/well-being goals and making a deliberate effort to incorporate them into my life in a balanced way. By staying aware of the things that make me 'click,' I know where to focus my time and energy so I’m always at my best. Our goal as a committee is to promote well-being self awareness and equip every individual with the resources YOU need to grow and flourish.”

Luke Burleson, MD

“We all have different definitions of what makes us thrive, and different ideas of how to get there. We as a committee want to help facilitate an environment where each of us can thrive professionally and personally. To me, wellness is balance; I’m most well when I’m able to devote appropriate time and energy to the things that matter most to me.”

Charles Khoury, MD, MSHA

"The most important aspect of wellness for me is connectedness. We're a relational people in the emergency department, and I'm operating at my best when I feel like I'm building and maintaining relationships. One of the things we're working on as a group is improving the ways we connect with one another both at work and outside of work."

Stephen Knight, MD, FACEP, FAAEM

"I feel that everyone has their own path to wellness, built upon each of our individual goals, aspirations, and interests. When we recognize our path, and guide our experiences in ways that bring us the most satisfaction, it helps us to weather the storm when things are difficult."

Whitney Turner, MD

Staff Wellness Liaison

Courtney Rushing

"When I think about wellness, I like to take into account the whole person. It takes a constant re-evaluating and re-assessing of one’s emotional, physical, spiritual, etc. well-being. Usually, if I’m unwell in one area it tends to affect other areas. We’re never going to be perfect but self-awareness and accountability allow for us to continue to grow and work towards overall wellness. It’s refreshing to know that we are not on this wellness journey alone – the UAB HSOM and the Department of Emergency Medicine have created unique and innovative ways to encourage the well-being of all employees."