"Training in Endocrinology at UAB provides fellows clinical exposures and opportunities that are unmatched at most institutions. Due to the referral base that encompasses more than 3 states, fellows have the opportunity to be involved in the evaluation and management of a full range of endocrine disease states. Moreover, multidisciplinary, subspecialty clinics ranging from HIV Endocrine to Endocrine Tumor to Gender Health and beyond provide a deeper level of training that is beyond comparison. Fellows work side-by-side Endocrine Faculty in addition to colleagues from other medical and surgical subspecialties. The hospitality of the South holds true at UAB and the collegiality is what encourages so many to stay." - Dr. Amy Warriner (Program Director)

Meet Our Clinician Educators

Dr. Deepti Bahl

Dr. Deepti Bahl

"The Multidisciplinary Endocrine Tumor Clinic offers comprehensive care for patients with thyroid, parathyroid, pancreas and adrenal tumors. It is a collaborative effort between Endocrinologists, Endocrine Surgeons, ENT and Radiology. Fellows gain insight into the complex management of rare endocrine tumors."

Dr. Monica Agarwal

Dr. Monica Agarwal

"The Nutrition Support Team (NST) at the Birmingham VA Medical Center provides consultation for nutritionally related issues in critical care and inpatient settings. The team consists of dietitians, pharmacists, and Endocrine faculty and fellows who provide consultation for parenteral nutrition. This allows fellows to expand their nutrition expertise and become confident in the clinical guidelines put forth by the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN)."

Dr. Brooks Vaughan

Dr. Brooks Vaughan

"Our multidisciplinary pituitary clinic is one of a handful of truly collaborative clinics in the country where patients can see Endocrinology and Neurosurgery side by side. It also has full support from Ophthalmology, Neuro-oncology, ENT and Radiation Oncology."

Dr. Fernando Ovalle - Division Director

Dr. Fernando Ovalle - Division Director

"We have one of the most intensive and comprehensive inpatient glycemic control services in the world. Fellows will become experts managing diabetes in challenging conditions and circumstances in the hospital setting, and will gain insight into the complexities of running and improving a high functioning multidisciplinary inpatient diabetes service."

Our Virtual Interview Process

We will participate in the National Registry Match Program (NRMP) for the 2021 interview season. We accept applications via ERAS.

Deadline for applications via ERAS: August 12, 2020.

When do you interview for potential fellowship applicants?

We will begin interviewing applicants in September and continue through October.

Do you have specific application requirements?

USMLE score is considered but a specific score has not been made a requirement.

Application Submission Requirements:

  1. Current CV (updated within 3 months)

  2. Medical School Transcripts (and diploma if requested)

  3. Medical School Dean’s Letter

  4. Three (3) total Letters of Recommendation (including former program directors)

  5. Certificate/verification from previous residency training

  6. Must be eligible for Alabama Medical License and Alabama Controlled Substance Certificate (all step scores completed at the time of application)

  7. Must be eligible for Federal DEA registration

  8. Valid ECFMG Certificate (IMG only)

All applications will be reviewed via ERAS.

Do you sponsor H1B and J1 Visas?

Yes, the division can sponsor these Visas.


Nix 1102 250x250If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. 

Julie Burge
Education Coordinator