The Mobile Technology Laboratory, headed by Robert Motl, PhD, UCEM Sustainability & Behavior Change Core leader, catalyzes rigorous, home-based medical rehabilitation clinical trials by providing the national community of medical rehabilitation researchers a resource for evaluating the validity and reliability of novel and existing tools and technology used for remote data collection in clinical trials.


  • Assist researchers in their pursuit of useful, home-based monitoring and intervention technologies including commercially available wearable devices and other biosensor or mobile health apps.

  • Support in-house validation studies of common, commercially available wearable and biosensor devices in collaboration with industry partners, other P2C resource centers, and investigators.

The Mobile Technology Laboratory has been on the front end of research involving motion sensor evaluation and output interpretability in multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, and recently initiated efforts in rheumatic conditions and intellectual disability with service support for an Abvie funded study with Dr. Jeffrey Curtis and an R15 with Prof. Stamatis Agiovlasitas (Mississippi State). 

Multiple Sclerosis

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Parkinson’s disease

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