Pilot Studies

As part of the UCEM Research Acceleration Program, the UAB Center for Exercise Medicine awards supplemental funds to exercise-focused pilot grants to help foster interdisciplinary research. Below is a list of recipients for past pilot grant supplemental awards.


Jane Allendorfer, MD, Assistant Professor of Neurology
"Effects of Exercise on Memory Deficits and Brain Network Connectivity in Patients with Epilepsy"

Amanda Willig, PhD, RD, Assistant Professor of Infectious Diseases
"Exercise Intervention to Improve Functional Capacity in Older Adults with HIV"


Amy Amara, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neurology
"The Effect of Exercise on Functional Connectivity and Vigilance in Parkinson's Disease"


Gordon Fisher, PhD, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
"The Role of Exercise Intensity on Insulin Signaling and Metabolic Regulation"

John Lowman, PT, PhD, CCS, Assistant Professor
"Gaming Console Home-Based Exercise for Adults with Cystic Fibrosis"

Eric Plaisance, PhD, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
"Resistance Training to Improve Outcomes in African American Women in Cardiac Rehab"

Ceren Yarar-Fisher, PhD, Department of Nutrition Sciences
"Novel Exercise and Diet Prescription to Improve Body Composition and Metabolic Health in Individuals with Long-Standing Spinal Cord Injury"