Applications are due by August 30, 2020. See below for details. 

Program Overview 

Do you have an interest in primary care, health equity, and a passion for caring for our cities’ underserved patients? If so, the Urban Underserved Pathway (U²P) may be right for you. This is the first step of the overall Comprehensive Urban Underserved and Rural Experience (CU2RE) program, and the next stop will be to develop rural programming. The UAB Department of Family and Community Medicine developed this four-year longitudinal elective program to prepare medical students to care for vulnerable patient populations. Participants will have numerous opportunities to acquire the skills, knowledge, and expertise to care for underserved patients. In addition to population health management, service-learning and advocacy projects, students will have opportunities for publications and presentations at local and national conferences.

Opportunities and Benefits for Students

  • A consistent community-health faculty mentor
  • Early hands-on clinical experience, including telemedicine 
  • Enhanced curriculum on social determinants of health and caring for vulnerable patient populations 
  • Enriched training on practice transformation and value-based healthcare 
  • Specialized curriculum on healthy lifestyles including physical activity, nutrition, sleep, and behavior change
  • Engagment in a scholarly project and access to the Alabama Practice Based Research Network 
  • Access to scholarship funding to attend and present at state, regional or national meetings in primary care
  • Semi-annual programming on leadership and professional development 
  • Service learning with urban underserved patient populations


  • American Dream vs. American Reality: Social determinants of health/health equity 
  • Ignorance is Not Bliss: Cultural Humility / Bias
  • Is Race a Social Construct? Racial and Ethnic Discrimination in Healthcare
  • From the White Coat to the White House: Advocacy and Public Policy 
  • Love Thy Neighbor: Refugee and Immigrant Health
  • American Health Policy for Vulnerable Populations: Medicaid, Medicare, and Community Health Centers 
  • Teach a Person to Fish: Motivation Interviewing / Behavior Change (with focus on Sustance Abuse)
  • When Scrub Cap Becomes Detective Hat: Intimate Partner Violence / Sex Trafficking 
  • See the Able, Not the Label: Disability and Healthcare
  • Healthy Kids are Happy Kids: Poverty and Children; Adverse Childhood Events

Longitudinal Modules

  • Caring for the Forest: Population Health Management
  • Telemedicine and Digital Health 

Optional / Flex Modules 

  • LGBTQ+ Health 
  • Health and Homelessness 
  • Patients with HIV / AIDS 
  • Geriatric Urban Underserved Patients 

Four-year Curriculum Overview


All interested applicants are encouraged to apply. 

Preference will be given to students from under-represented groups and those whose experiences suggest a strong commitment to caring for underserved patients in Alabama.

To apply, download the application here. Please submit the completed application to Adrienne Savage at by August 30, 2020


Jill Marsh

Jill Marsh, M.D.
Program Director