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Since September 1995, the UAB Liver Center has pioneered new treatments for liver and biliary tract disease.

UAB_LiverCenter We offer specialized care through outpatient clinics and our inpatient hepatology service at the University Hospital. We also actively conduct basic science and clinical research activities.

The UAB Liver Transplant Program is one of the best programs in the country, having been ranked in the top ten for patient survival rates. We have performed more than 1200 transplants, and have achieved a one-year survival rate of greater than 92%.

Advancing the medical management of liver disease through clinical and basic research programs is a major priority for the Liver Center. During 2002, we began a Comprehensive Care Program for Patients with Hepatitis C. The establishment of this program has allowed us to streamline the process of educating, evaluating, treating, and following Hepatitis C patients. A team of doctors and nurses coordinate the evaluation, long-term management, and assimilation of data of the patients. This is leading to more rapid enrollment of patients in therapy, better patient and referring physician satisfaction, and improved outcome.

We have continued the advancement in medical management with the establishment of a Cirrhosis Clinic in 2005, working to streamline the process of evaluating and following cirrhotic patients. By coordinating cirrhotic patients through this clinic, we are able to evaluate and plan long-term management of these patients along with assimilation of data to improve patient outcomes.

In 2007, we began a Liver Disease Support Group. This group will meet monthly to discuss current issues related to liver disease including nutrition, treatment/therapy options, different disease processes, social issues, and other topics deemed important to the patient/caregiver with liver disease.