Comparative Pathology Laboratory
Epitope Recognition & Immunoreagent Core Facility (ERIC)
Heflin Center for Genomic Science Core Facility
Transgenic Mouse Facility

Comparative Pathology Laboratory

Director: Trenton R. Schoeb, D.V.M., Ph.D., DACVP


Phone: (205) 934-2288

  • Research animal histology: Routine and special paraffin processing, embedding, and sectioning; frozen sections; routine and special stains
  • Veterinary clinical pathology: Hematology; clinical chemistry; urinalysis
  • Training: Animal necropsy technique; tissue collection, fixation, and trimming; sample collection for clinical pathology
  • Consultation: Animal pathologic techniques; design of experiments requiring collection of anatomic or clinical pathologic data from research animals
  • Collaborative research support: Analysis of disease expression in animal models; pathologic phenotyping of genetically engineered mice; gross and microscoping photography; animal pathology cores for program projects

Epitope Recognition and Immunoreagent Core Facility (ERIC)

Director: Mary Ann Accavitti-Loper, Ph.D.


Phone: (205) 934-0913

  • Monoclonal antibody development and large-scale production
  • Vaccine design (peptides, proteins, gel slices, viruses, cells, TFcells)
  • Strategic immunization protocols:
    • Subtractive immunization
    • Knock-out mice
    • CDR-3 altered mice
  • Large-scale Mab production and purification
  • Epitope differentiation (oligoclonal antiserum design)
  • Anti-tag Mabs (i.e. Myc, Flag, HA, GST, GFP) and isotype-matched controls

Heflin Center for Genomic Science Core Facility

Director: Molly Bray, Ph.D.
Phone: (205) 975-7651

Associate Director: Mike Crowley, Ph.D.
Phone: (205) 975-2013

Bioinformatics Director: David Crossman, Ph.D.
Phone: (205) 996-4045 

  • The Cores are available to anyone wishing to access state-of-the-art genomics and genetic technologies.
  • Illumina Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Consultative and Experimental services are now available.
  • The Illumina Core has the latest in DNA analysis technology including the iSCAN and BeadXpress systems for:
  • Large and medium scale SNP genotyping
  • Human DNA methylation analysis
  • Gene expression analysis and more
  • The Genomic Core facility provides:
  • DNA sequencing
  • SNP genotyping
  • Human cell line DNA fingerprinting
  • Affymetrix gene expression arrays
  • Discount oligonucleotides from IDT
  • The Genomic Core also provides comprehensive data analysis services for microarrays, NGS and more.

Transgenic Mouse Facility

Director: Bob Kesterson, Ph.D.


Phone: (205) 934-7206

  • We provide all services related to genetically modified mouse models (transgenic and knockout).
  • Services:
    • DNA or ES cell microinjection
    • ES cell gene targeting
    • Assisted reproduction and line cryopreservation
    • Consultations and custom services developed as needed.
  • New equipment: Autogen965 high-throughput DNA isolation robot; 384 samples/4 hrs (mouse tails, ES cells, plasmids, BACs)