Research in the Marquez-Lago lab combines (wet lab) experiments involving bioengineering, micro- and molecular biology techniques, with (drylab) data analysis, AI, modeling and simulation techniques. In a nutshell, we investigate (1) host-microbiota interactions in complex human diseases, (2) microbial multi-drug resistance, and (3) gene expression and chromatin organization. In addition, we study (4) the role and effect of mechanical forces ('mechanobiology') and cell compartmentalization in pathogenesis.

In our work, we integrate experiments and data (DNA/RNA/ATAC/ChIP-seq, metabolomics, proteomics, super-resolution microscopy, etc.) into calibrated models that have predictive power, revealing testable experiments in fundamental biology and translational research. Our research and methods are primarily aimed at identifying effective biomarkers and viable precision therapeutics.