Date Topic Presenter Room
9/6/2016 Stage 3A and 3B lung cancer Lohiya WP-B
9/13/2016 Smoldering myeloma-Prognostic factors and when to treat Costa WP-A
9/20/2016 Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia Godby WP-A
9/27/2016 Early stage non-seminoma germ cell tumor and role of RPLND Nandagopal WP-A
10/4/2016 Male breast cancer Stringer WP-A
10/11/2016 Breast cancer Board review Pierce WP-A
10/18/2016 HPV associated head and neck cancers Hathaway WP-A
10/25/2016 How to present journal club and analyse data Bucy WP-A
11/1/2016 HER 2 positive breast cancer Salvador WP-A
11/8/2016 Election Day-No conference Hillary vs Trump WP-A
11/15/2016 Hematologic issues in SLE, RA (including LGL leukemia) Pierce NP 2507
11/24/2016 Thanksgiving day - no conference    
11/29/2016 Town Hall Nabell WP-A
12/8/2016 Salivary gland tumors Nabell WP-A
12/15/2016 Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria Lohiya WP-A
12/22/2016 Christmas week - no conference    
12/29/2016 New Year's week - no conference    
1/5/2017 Stage 1 seminoma's Sarmad WP-A
1/12/2017 Adjuvant therapy for (intermediate risk) uterine cancer Straughn WP-A
1/19/2017 Management of acquired bleeding disorders LaVie WP-A
1/26/2017 Journal Club Pierce WP-A
2/2/2017 Treatment of high risk APL Erba WP-A
2/9/2017 Neoadjuvant therapy for non-metastatic, unresectable/borderline resectable pancreatic cancer Paluri WP-A
2/16/2017 Late complications of childhood malignancy Nandagopal WP-A
2/23/2017 Journal Club LaVie WP-B
3/2/2017 Toxicities of TKIs,chemotherapies and its Management Zhao WP-A
3/9/2017 Spring break 3/5-3/11-no conference   WP-A
3/16/2017 HSCT in non malignant disease Saad WP-A
3/23/2017 Journal Club Lin WP-A
3/30/2017 Toxicities of checkpoint inhibitors LaVie WP-A
4/6/2017 Diagnosis and mgmt. of eosinophilia, including chronic eosinophilic leukemia Zhao WP-A
4/13/2017 Journal Club Hathaway WP-A
4/20/2017 Blood grouping and typing Williams WP-A
4/27/2017 Journal Club Nandagopal WP-A
5/4/2017 Ph+ ALL in the older patient Jamy WP-A
5/11/2017 Journal Club Zhao WP-A
5/18/2017 Mastocytosis (cutaneous and systemic) Sarmad WP-A
5/25/2017 Journal Club Sherwood WP-B
6/1/2017 ASCO 6/1-6/7- no conference   WP-A
6/8/2017 Journal Club Sarmad WP-A
6/15/2017 Amyloidosis Sherwood WP-A
6/22/2017 Journal Club Jamy WP-A
6/29/2017 No conference   WP-A