Admissions Committee

The admissions office handles the application, interview, and evaluation process for candidates wishing to attend the School of Medicine. It also gathers and reports statistics and other information regarding admissions.

Admissions Executive Committee

  • Reviewing and revising admissions policies and requirements and establishing new policies and requirements as necessary
  • Reviewing and selecting members for the admissions committees
  • Serving as the final arbiter for committee decisions not related to acceptance or rejection of specific applicants (for example residency status and other similar questions of an administrative nature)
  • Evaluation of the admissions process and outcomes and the function of each of the other admissions committees
  • Promote an academic (and data driven) approach to the admissions process
  • Provide advice and counsel for setting admissions priorities to effectively meet the missions the School of Medicine

Basic Science Advisory Committee

The Basic Science Advisory Committee is a faculty affairs advisory committee to the deans of the School of Medicine, the School of Dentistry and the Graduate School. The committee addresses and reports on policy issues that affect basic science departments.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the ultimate advisory committee to the dean on issues related to the mission and vision of the School of Medicine and at the dean’s discretion may serve as a decision-making body. Membership includes all clinical and joint health sciences department chairs and regional deans; the dean, executive vice dean and senior associate deans serve as ex-officio, non-voting members. The Dean chairs the Executive Committee.

Executive Research Committee

The Executive Research Committee provides guidance to the School and UAB Medicine in order to chart a strategic course for growing our overall academic programs and our research portfolio. This committee strategically helps direct investments and identifies key RFAs and programmatic development that will continually make UAB a competitive institution for recruitment as well as garnering NIH funds. The Executive Vice Dean chairs the Executive Research Committee.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council Committee is considered the principal advisory committee to the dean of the School of Medicine and is responsible for providing written review and assessment of appointments, promotion, and tenure award for all clinical and basic science faculty.

Medical Education Committee

Designed to assure faculty representation from various academic disciplines and student representation from different levels in the medical education process across all three campuses to review the curriculum and its various components. It is primarily responsible for overseeing courses and clerkships, for monitoring program implementation, and for assisting in program evaluation.

Medical Research Advisory Committee

Is made up of School of Medicine faculty members, it provides the dean and the School of Medicine administration with advice and recommendations regarding the development, growth, and success of the school's biomedical research enterprise.

Departmental Promotion and Tenure Committee

Each departmental chair appoints tenured faculty in their departments to serve as committee members. The responsibility of the committees is to provide, review, comment and recommend to the chair regarding potential revisions to their departmental guidelines for appointment, promotion and tenure. Committees are also responsible for reviewing candidates as proposed by the chair for appointment, promotion or tenure award.

"No greater opportunity, responsibility or obligation can fall to the lot of a human being than to become a physician."

~ Tinsley Harrison, M.D., editor of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine and founding chairman of UAB's Department of Medicine.

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