MS-1  You will automatically be scheduled into the MS-1 curriculum/courses (See MS-1 Schedule) with the exception of Special Topics courses. You will receive a notice and instructions in the spring to sign up for these on-line. 

MS-2  You will automatically be scheduled into the MS-2 curriculum/courses (See MS-2 Schedule) with the exception of Special Topics courses. You will receive a notice and instructions when to sign up for these on-line.

MS-3  During the MS-2 year, you will enter a clerkship scheduling lottery to set the order of your third year clerkship courses unless you are assigned to the Tuscaloosa Longitudinal Program. Changes to your clerkship schedule will be limited and must be approved by an MSS advisor. If special consideration warrants a clerkship schedule change, please contact Dr. Peterson for the Birmingham campus; Dr. Carter for the Huntsville campus; or Dr. Hicks for the Montgomery campus. Special topics course offerings will be available in October and April and announced in a special topics lottery.

MS-4 During the MS-3 year, you will enter a scheduling lottery to select courses for your fourth year acting internships and electives. As a fourth year, you may change your schedule via the online drop/add link found on the Student Portal. Courses may be dropped or added up to 14 days from a start date. Courses dropped within 14 days of a start date will incur a late drop fee of $45 which must be paid at the time of the drop via the online link provided. There is no fee to add a course. The deadline to drop or add a course is 4:00pm on the Wednesday before a Monday start date.

Students may wish to consult with their career advisor before selecting their courses. The list of career advisors can be found on the Residency Application Resources & Timeline page.  


2019-20 Academic Calendar

Course Availability Explorer (CAVE)
Displays dates that each course is offered and whether the class is full or available for students to add using the on-line Drop/Add process

Course Catalog

UAB School of Medicine Scheduling FAQ

Special Topics courses, third year Selective courses, and most fourth year courses can be scheduled using this process.
  • Once you have signed up, you may drop and add up until 30 days before the course begin date on-line.
  • Changes after that will require you to complete the Drop/Add request form, and will likely incur fees.
  • Courses cannot be dropped on-line if doing so places the course below the course minimum (shown on CAVE) unless the minimum is one.
  • Fourth year courses must be pre-approved by your career advisor. Some courses require approval of course director, these can only be added using the Drop/Add Request Form.