We seek to develop and maintain an engaging multicultural learning community that promotes the importance of diversity, social responsibility, ethical leadership, and education through health care, medical teaching, and research. We believe we can accomplish this vision by:

  • Holding each other accountable to constantly improve a culture of research, discovery, education, and patient care;
  • Creating an environment of teamwork where we depend on each other and work well together with mutual respect to achieve common goals;
  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive system of diversity education, workshops, and training opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and administrators with UASOM;
  • Connecting reflective, caring, and highly skilled practitioners and scholars who lead in their chosen professions to support diverse communities;
  • Collaborating with a range of constituents to effect change in local, national, and global communities;
  • Using best practices and innovative methods to leverage diversity and strengthen the pipeline of students aiming to become future physicians;
  • Continuously investing in technologies, tools, infrastructure, and people –the foundations of our success.