Throughout the year the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs hosts and participate in a series of programs and events for medical students in an effort to assist them in gaining information about the population which they will serve. These initiatives are often done in collaboration with the UAB Multicultural & Diversity Programs, UAB Multicultural Council, and medical school student organizations. 

Additional major programs and events include:

Difficult Dialogues in Healthcare SeriesDifficult Dialogues in Healthcare Logo
The aim of this open forum is to stimulate rigorous intellectual inquiry and promote cultural humility among all students, faculty, and staff at UAB SOM. Participants will be encouraged to address significant and controversial issues in medicine, health, and society where they will have the opportunity to voice, defend, and consider conflicting ideas and values in a safe space environment. This series will educate and challenge participants to explore their own personal boundaries, critically examine traditional ways of thinking and strengthen their capacity for cultural humility and competency through a variety of activities ranging from small peer group discussions to videos and physician-patient panels. All activities will focus on teaching and reinforcing knowledge, skills, and awareness of diversity issues in medical education related to but not limited by race, gender, phobias, sexual orientation, and religion.

DeansWeekendDean's Medical Students Weekend
Dean's Medical Student Weekend is an event that gives a second look to the underrepresented students who have been accepted to UASOM. The event is generally hosted on the first weekend in May (before students have to make their final decisions on 5/15), giving the students an opportunity to participate in the Annual Sickle Cell Walk. Visiting students are able to meet and speak with medical students, UAB and community physicians and spend time in the historic Civil Rights District. The weekend begins with a reception hosted by the Dean of the Medical School on Friday night, followed by a night out with the medical students. They participate in the walk on Saturday morning, followed by an information session at the Medical School with course directors. The evening ends with a casual dinner meeting with the Mineral District Medical Society and UAB diversity physicians. Sunday morning, they meet for breakfast with medical students for a final Q & A.

Every year during UASOM orientation week, the ODMA has actively participated in small group discussions that explore diversity issues through several real-life scenarios. These scenarios written and organized by orientation leaders are hosted during orientation by a medical student orientation leader, a physician, and an upper year medical student.

White Coat Ceremony
White Coat Ceremony is an annual event held for the incoming class in a special ceremony where students are presented with their first White Coat. The ODMA is always present to encourage our students and to congratulate them on their entrance to the medical profession

Graduation Reception
Graduation Reception is an event hosted to celebrate graduating fourth year students. In the past, a guest speaker was invited to give the students their final encouraging words from the UASOM community and gifts are given by the Student National Medical Association (to students who participated in SNMA during medical school) with their names engraved with MD for the first time.

Sullivan Alliance
Named for Dr. Louis Sullivan, former secretary of HHS, Dr. Sullivan's vision is to end health disparities throughout the United States. Through strong leadership, deep commitment, and sustainable efforts, the Sullivan Alliance aims to transform the health professions and help eliminate the gaps in health status and access to health care that affect too many Americans. The ODMA has hosted seminars for HBCUs in conjunction with the alliance.