Argus Awards Ceremony

argus peacock logoFor more than 15 years, students at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine have recognized mentors, professors, courses and course directors for outstanding service to medical education during the annual Argus Awards Ceremony.

The Argus Society was started in 1996 to recognize faculty members exhibiting excellence in medical education. According to Greek mythology, Argus Panoptes, or Argos, was a hundred-eyed giant employed by the Queen of the Olympian gods and goddesses, Hera, to guard the fair maiden Io. After his death, Hera honored him by preserving the hundred eyes forever in the beautiful tail of the peacock. His name, which means “all-seeing,” is synonymous with observance, vigilance and guardianship.

The Argus Awards Ceremony is one way the student body seeks to remain vigilant in recognizing, appreciating and honoring the best educators and educational experiences at the SOM.

2013 Argus Awards

A ceremony to honor Argus Award recipients and nominees will be held at 5:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 6, 2013 at room 402 of the Children’s Harbor Building, 1600 6th Ave. South.

See the full list of winners below. Winners in each category are listed first, in bold type. Nominees follow in alphabetical order. 

Best Introductory Module
Fundamentals 2 (Drs. Peter Anderson & Ken Waites, Directors)
Fundamentals 1 (Drs. Laura Cotlin & Nathaniel Robin, Directors)
PDS (Dr. Tom Huddle, Director)

Best Lecturer in Patient, Doctor and Society
Dr. Michael Saag
Dr. Carlos Estrada
Dr. Hughes Evans

Best Lecturer in Fundamentals 1
Dr. Martin Young
Dr. Kevin Kirk
Dr. Tim Townes

Best Lecturer in Fundamentals 2
Dr. Ken Waites
Dr. Michael Saag
Dr. Peter Anderson

Best MS1 Organ Module
Cardiovascular (Drs. Harish Doppalapudi & Silvio Litovsky, Directors)
GI (Drs. Catherine Fuller & Kirk Thame, Directors)
Pulmonary (Drs. Bruce Alexander & Kevin Leon, Directors)

Best Lecturer in Cardiology
Dr. Harish Doppalapudi
Dr. Silvio Litovsky
Dr. Jose Tallaj

Best Lecturer in the Pulmonary Module
Dr. Kevin Leon
Dr. James Johnson
Dr. James Willig

Best Lecturer in the Gastrointestinal Module
Dr. Brenden McGuire
Dr. Catherine Fuller
Dr. Kirk Thame

Best Lecturer in the Renal Module
Dr. Ashita Tolwani
Dr. Eric Judd
Dr. Zipporah Krishnasami

Best Lecturer in the Musculoskeletal Module
Dr. Winn Chatham
Dr. Marcas Bamman
Dr. Steve Zehren

Best Lecturer in the Neurosciences Module
Dr. Anthony Nicholas
Dr. Victor Sung
Dr. Vinita Yalamanchili

Best Lecturer in the Hematology- Oncology Module
Dr. Vishnu Reddy
Dr. Jill Adamski
Dr. Marisa Marques

Best Lecturer in the Reproductive Module
Dr. Lea Novak
Dr. Christopher Robinson
Dr. Chere Stewart

Best Lecturer in the Endocrine Module
Dr. Shawn Galin
Dr. Hussein Abdullatif
Dr. Laura Cotlin

Best MS-2 Organ Module
Endocrine (Drs. Shawn Galin & Hussein Abdullatif, Directors)*
Musculoskeletal & Skin (Drs. Carrie Elzie, Winn Chatham & Patricia Mercado, Directors)
Reproduction (Drs. Lea Novak & Chere Stewart, Directors)
*Winners of the Dale J Benos Award for Best MS-2 Organ Module Director/Co-Director

Caduceus Club Award for Excellence in Preclinical Education
Dr. Kevin Leon
Dr. Harish Doppalapudi
Dr. Ashita Tolwani
Dr. Martin Young

Tuscaloosa Best Clinical Instructor
Dr. Heather Taylor
Dr. Jim Corder
Dr. Donald Charles Gross

Tuscaloosa Best Department

Huntsville Best Clinical Instructor
Dr. Farrah Ibrahim
Dr. Jorge Diaz
Dr. Tarak Vasavada

Huntsville Best Department
Family Medicine

Caduceus Club Award for Best Clinical Instructor (Birmingham)
Dr. Hussein Abdullatif
Dr. Kevin Leon
Dr. Martin Rodriguez

Birmingham Best Department
Emergency Medicine