Choosing a specialty is a critically important decision in your career path. Matching into the residency that will enable your career is equally critical. We follow the same career advising model as the AAMC recommends in the “Careers in Medicine” program. The contents of this website are an invaluable resource for you. All students are encouraged to utilize this site extensively.

All the resources there are available to you, but we add a number of individualized opportunities to help you in your career selection and matching.

Understand Yourself

First year students are introduced to the CiM web pages during orientation. There is also a required introductory career fair as part of orientation. Students are strongly encouraged to take the PVIPS (Physician Values in Practice Scale). Students take the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) as part of academic advising and are encouraged to look at the specialty selection implications of the MBTI. In the winter months, the Scholarly Activity office presents a program of summer opportunities for research and for paid extended experiences in select fields. Finally, there are 20 specialty interest groups that hold regular lunch meetings and events, promote student participation in grand rounds and other departmental education programs, and provide an easy link to shadowing opportunities.

Explore Options

Second year students are encourage to participate in the specialty interest groups. In addition, the scheduling process for third year clerkships, discusses the implications of the students “most-likely-specialties” for their scheduling selections. The orientation to clerkships includes a “Careers in Medicine” presentation that focuses on using the clerkship rotations to further explore specialties of greatest interest, learning about specialties not seen in the clerkships, and making the grade in clerkships so that the match becomes easier.

Choose a Specialty

Third year students are encouraged to participate in the specialty interest groups. In addition, the Junior Meeting includes extensive information about assessing your competitiveness, selecting a career advisor in your preferred field, working a parallel path, and scheduling the 4th year in consultation with a career advisor in your field. Students with uncertainty are strongly encouraged to meet with an MSS advisor to help with the solution and any obstacles to commitment.

Land a Residency

Third and Fourth year students are provided a complete timeline of the match with detailed resources, lectures and links to help navigate each step along the path. Fourth year students receive frequent e-mail from Medical Student Services and from career advisors to assess risk of failing to match and to help evaluate risk based on the number of applications, interview offers, as well as other known risk factors. The Senior Meeting provides detailed instructions for the Rank Order List Entry and a preview of SOAP and a preparation guide should that be necessary.