The mission of the Learning Communities Program is to promote personal wellness and professional development, and foster longitudinal relationships in a safe and inclusive environment. Our goal is to create healthy people who will be effective physician leaders.

Snellgrove John

"So you got into med school! Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll be thankful you chose to pursue your MD here at UAB. I’m sure you’re excited to get started. It won’t be long before your life is going to change pretty drastically.  This will be a brand new season of life for you all, a start into a new profession.  You’re going to learn… a lot!  Most of your learning will come through lectures, small groups, labs, but some of your learning is much more difficult to streamline into a powerpoint or study guide.  Furthermore, it will be difficult to assess this learning with computerized or written exams. The type of learning I’m talking about is learning how to live in a healthy and responsible way as a medical student and future physician.  This is where Learning Communities come in.  The goal of the LC program is to equip medical students to be healthy physician leaders one day.  This goal is accomplished through a variety of different things. - John Snellgrove, MS3 LC Rep for Kirklin Community #wolfpack"

Learning Communities Impact on your Medical School Career

UAB School of Medicine students are able to find community and fellowship within their Learning Communities. Each student is assigned to a Learning Community when they enter medical school, based on their clinical campus assignment. There are six Learning Communities for the Birmingham campus, two for the Huntsville campus, one for the Montgomery campus, and two for the Tuscaloosa Campus.

Students remain in the same Learning Community all four years. Each Learning Community has a faculty mentor. Students meet regularly with their mentor for sessions that cover a variety of topics including: medical ethics, communication skills, professionalism, wellness, etc. In addition, Learning Communities are encouraged to have monthly socials. Overall, Learning Communities are a welcoming environment to help students navigate the ins and outs of medical school.

Program Leadership:

Caroline Harada, MD, Assistant Dean for Community Engaged Scholarship & Jason Noah, Director for Student Success Programs give oversight to the UABSOM LC Program.

Birmingham Communities:

Hill Community
Danielle Powell, MD - Lead Mentor
Kirklin Community
Sergio Stagno, MD - Lead Mentor
Pittman Community
Todd Peterson, MD - Lead Mentor
Oparil Community
David Resuehr, PhD - Lead Mentor
McCallum Community
Tekuila Carter, MD - Lead Mentor
Barfield-Carter Community
Sam Dalvi, MD - Lead Mentor

Huntsville Communities:

Harrison Community
Blayke Gibson, MD - Lead Mentor
Hamilton Community
Leah Leisch, MD - Lead Mentor

Montgomery Community:

Lyons Community
Caroline Harada, MD - Lead Mentor

Tuscaloosa Communities:

Hirschowitz Community
Stephanie Berger, MD - Lead Mentor
Finley Community
Charles Khoury, MD - Lead Mentor