The Technical Standards Advisory Committee (TSAC) will be charged with reviewing requests for accommodations by students at the UASOM. The TSAC will use the published technical standards as the basis for determining if accommodations requested are consistent with these standards.

The TSAC will consist of nine voting members and four non-voting ad hoc members. The Associate Dean for Students will serve as the chair and vote only in the case of a tie vote. Voting members will be faculty members and medical students from each of the following areas of expertise: Physical/Rehabilitation Medicine Neuropsychology Psychiatry Surgical Specialty Primary Care Specialty 2 Basic Science (e.g. anatomy, pathology, microbiology, radiology) Medical Students: MS3 and MS4 Ad hoc members will be the Associate Dean for Students, the Assistant Dean for Admissions, and representatives from the UAB Office of Counsel and the UAB Office of Disability Support Services. Members will be appointed by the Dean of the UASOM for two-year appointments that can be renewed indefinitely. The appointments will be staggered to avoid a large turnover in the committee in any one year.

The committee will meet a minimum of once a year to be updated on legal issues and standards proposed by the American Association of Medical Colleges. Other meetings will be called by the chair within four weeks of a request for review by the Associate Dean for Students or the Assistant Dean for Admissions. A quorum will consist of 60% of the voting membership. A simple majority will be decisive.

This policy adopted by the Executive Faculty of the University of Alabama School of Medicine and approved by the Dean on October 2007.