Fingerprinting and the VA


The national Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital system has mandated that all medical students who participate in activities in one of their facilities undergo fingerprinting. Because all SOM students potentially spend time in the VA health care facility, either during their clinical rotations or during their Introduction to Clinical Medicine course, the SOM requires that all medical students be fingerprinted.


All medical students are required to undergo Veterans Affairs fingerprinting.


Working with Medical Student Services, the VA will fingerprint all medical students. The VA will send medical student fingerprints to an FBI database for review. If criminal convictions are revealed, they will be reviewed by the VA for relevance to working in the VA setting. If the VA determines that the convictions are inappropriate for working in their setting, they will not allow the student to work there and will notify Medical Student Services that that student has failed their fingerprinting check.

Upon receiving notification from the VA that a student has failed the fingerprinting check, MSS will contact the student and require the student to undergo a criminal background check at the student's expense. A faculty review committee will be convened by the Associate Dean for Students to review the results of the criminal background check and determine if the student will be allowed to continue in medical school.

Students dismissed by the faculty review committee have the right to appeal the decision to the Dean of the School of Medicine.