Student Organization: any group of Medical Students who have formally organized themselves for the purpose of jointly pursuing a common interest.

Registered Student Organization: a group which has completed and maintained the requirements for registration as outlined herein, and who are thereby entitled to the privileges outlined herein.

Provisionally Registered Student Organization: a group that has not completed or maintained the requirements for registration, but are continuing to function with the assistance of MSS. These groups may or may not be in the process of obtaining registration.

Requirements for Registration

The organization must be open to all active UASOM students who meet membership requirements. Organizations may include members from the community, from UASOM faculty, staff, and/or spouses of UASOM students, faculty or staff if the constitution/by-laws of the organization provide for such members. With the exception of the Medical School Alliance, active students must hold all executive positions within the organization.

The organization must represent the interests of the members, and the control of the organization must reside within the local campus group.

The purposes, policies, and objectives of the organization must not:

  • Have illegal goals and objectives
  • Advocate or support the overthrow of the U. S. Government
  • Propose or participate in activities which would violate regulations
  • of the Board of Trustees, UASOM, or federal, state, local laws and regulations, or advocate incitement to such actions.
  • Materially and substantially disrupt the work and discipline of UASOM
  • Be in conflict or competition with the educational goals and functions of UASOM

The organization must have a minimum of five (5) student charter members, and must demonstrate a continuous interest in the purposes of the organization, sufficient to warrant registration. In the event that continuous interest cannot be demonstrated, provisional registration may be granted.

Registration may be denied if the purposes of the organization are a duplication of defined purposes of an existing organization.

All officers of a registered student organization must be in academic good standing.

Each registered student organization or group must have an identified faculty advisor.

No hazing is permitted. It is illegal and is prohibited by University Policy.

Procedures for Registration

The proposed group must submit a petition with a statement of purposes and name of the organization, to the Director of Medical Student Life. This petition must include signatures of at least (5) current, active, students, as charter members.

The student group must agree to function within the requirements of Section 1 (above).

The student group must also submit two copies of its Constitution and/or by-laws, and statement of purpose. The student group will be requested to supply a letter of affiliation with any national organization, should such a national organization exist.

Maintaining Registration Status

In order to maintain registration status, the organization must

  • Continue to meet all requirements for registration
  • Adhere to the approved constitution and/or by-laws
  • Submit any amendments to the constitution or by-laws
  • Elect officers-elect in January of each year
  • Inform the office of Medical Student Life of all officers in May of each year
  • Submit copies of the minutes from all meetings including executive meetings
  • Submit calendar dates and announcements of all planned meetings and activities
  • Function in cooperative effort with other registered student organizations regarding the scheduling of meetings and funding projects.

All information must be submitted to the Director of Medical Student Life, in a timely fashion.

Privileges of Registration

Registered and Provisionally Registered organizations are eligible for listing in UASOM material, including the UASOM Web page, The Purple Book, The Orientation Fair, and other documents and brochures produced by the office of Medical Student Services.

Registered organizations will be permitted a formal, permanent mailing address at Volker Hall

Registered organizations are eligible to apply for funding in accordance with the organization funding policies.

Registered organizations may obtain a World Wide Web page as part of the overall UASOM site. The operation of this site is subject to the policies of UASOM (See Statement: "Student Organization Web Pages").

The Officers of Registered Organizations are permitted to submit the list of membership for the Community Service Program. (See Statement: "Community Service Program.")

Approved 10-27-98
Updated 11-15-07